Current Issue: Vol. 1, Sept-2016, Issue 1

Issue 1, September, 2016 pp. 1-37

  1. Author Name(s):
    E. Üstün Geyik1, Deniz Yetkin Aker*2, Korhan Arun3, Davuthan Günaydin4, D. Çagri Yildirim1,5
    1 Department of Economics, Namik Kemal University, Turkey
    2 Department of Political Science and Public Administrations, Namik Kemal University, Turkey
    3 Department of Business Administration, Namik Kemal University, Turkey
    4 Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Namik Kemal University, Turkey
    Paper Title:
    Porter’s Theory, Innovation and Local Productivity: A Meta-Analysis for Turkey
    Vol. 2, Issue. 1, April-2016, pp. 1-12
  2. Author Name(s):
    Mohammed Salem Atoum
    Department of Computer Sciences, Irbid National University, Jordan

    Paper Title:
    Mathematical Model That Using Scrambling And Message Integrity Methods in Audio Steganography
    Vol. 2, Issue. 1, April-2016, pp. 13-18
  3. Author Name(s):
    Ummi Salwa Ahmad Bustamam*1, Richard Pech2
    1Faculty of Economics and Muamalat, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Malysia
    2 Graduate School, DRB-HICOM University, Malysia
    Paper Title:
    An Examination of Malay Business Growth Strategies Using Miles and Snow’s Strategic Typology
    Vol. 2, Issue. 1, April-2016, pp. 19-37