Instructions for Authors

Please read the instructions below for preparing and submitting your manuscript.

Submission of Manuscripts:

Use the link below to submit your manuscript

Submit Manuscript

Cover Letter:

If necessary submit a cover letter which involves some information about your article.

Copyright Form:

The copyright form available at the link below should be filled and submitten together with your manuscipt.

Copyright Form

Manuscript Preparation:

Please use either the word or latex templates given below while preparing your manuscript.

Word Template ¦ Latex Template


Authors may suggest referees during manuscipt submission. However, this does not mean that the suggested referees are to be assigned for paper evaluation. This is due to the prevention of unethical referee assignment issues. Referees from different countries other than the manuscript owner's county are preferred.


Processing and publication fee is 150 EUR for the papers submitted from the date January 1, 2016. All the published papers can be freely downloaded.